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I'm back

Finally I'm in my own house.

Its actually quite nice to be home, strange as that seems.
Seeing James was fabulous, even if it did mean missing lots of BB :O shocking huh.
Got a tan whilst there too ;) so i'm looking hawtttttttt baby.
Its been FIVE WEEKS AND THREE ALMOST 4 DAYS since I quit smoking...woohooo.

I did put on a little weight, but it seems to be coming back off now again :D
I'm feeling greatttttttttttttttttttttt
Should be enrolling at college over the next couple of weeks, lets just hope i keep feeling this good.
Thats it really, I'm just happy with everything, my love is fan 'fookin' tastic, my depression seems to be kind of under control, I finally know what i wanna do with my life, my house is looking good, i have more energy than ever, and determination not to let my self get in the kind of despair i was in before ever again.


Almost 9 months now :O world record for me.
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