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2 in one day huh

Today started out really badly, i had some major pmt, i was seriously reading to commit murder on just about anyone, and to top it off i had to go and do some more christmas shopping, imagine that hahahha.

Anyhow after spending a pain filled day being a complete emotional wreck and crying at everything, i rang James and even though were miles apart he always manages to cheer me up, he just says the right things I dont even think he knows he does it, I'm not gunna go into what he said but it really made me smile, which to be honest i didnt think even he would be able to get me to do.

its seriously doing my head in that were apart till New Years Eve, okay to alot of ppl 2 weeks doesnt seem long, but to me it seems like forever, i'm just hoping that with christmas it will go so fast and he will be here again in no time, god i so love being with him, when he's here nothing else in the whole world matters, its just all so perfect.

Anyway soppy bit over, i know he reads this and he already thinks i'm a soppy cow lately, so i need to go back to being a bitch.
I just watched the Shawshank Redemption, yes i know its been out years i just never bothered, but James has lent me his dvd of it so i thought it would be rude not to watch it, and oh my god it was fantastic, its gotta be one of the best films i've seen in a long time, it was brilliantly written and played and i honestly didnt think he was going to escape i thought he was gunna kill him self :O.
Okay enuff now, just restarting ma download of Oceans 12 which is only gunna take me like 8 days to download, stupid bit torrent.

Oh yeah n Ange, that youcef torrent link i gave ya, i was told today the reason its not working is cos the French Goverment have taken it down :O not sure why yet tho, i'll have to look into that lol

Nite Ya'll
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