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How Strange

I'm not completely sure why this is happening, but where i live there arent many negros at all, but since the weather turned cold there have been loads, now my theory was that like swallows (the birds, least i think its them) they fly to hotter climates during the winter months, I kinda assumed the negros did the same, but apparently they have some secret agenda this year, they have all decided to flock to where I live, its fuckin ludacris, who on earth gave them permission to remain in the country ffs.

I was so embarassed when James was here and I think we saw TWO in as many days, Jesus its just not on is it, but at least it means this year I will have a full tree of lit up negros instead of stupid fairy lights, mind u the smell of burning skin does tend to linger well past christmas and into the summer months :|

I have made a decision about the new year and where i'll be but at this moment its top secret and if i told you i would have to send the Triads round to cut you into small pieces and stir fry you, and we wouldnt want that....x
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