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The one and only reason i need a man....

Christ I have been trying to get things in order round ma house, this includes doing things I cant do, this is why I need a fella who lives close...

Hoovering, washing, etc...yeah i hate doing it but i can actually do it....but when it comes to putting up light fittings and twice blowing all the fuses in the place and putting up pictures and then taking em down again 4 times cos they wonky, well I need a man that lives near me and not miles away :|, but after throwing a tantrum a million times and throwing things all over, its all done, and u cant even see all the old nail marks behind the pictures, just hope i dont forget the mess it looks if i ever take em down, i'm stuck wiv em now till i move.

oh yes and i fell out wiv ma mother yet again, the woman drives me crazy, she does lil tiny things that okay probably wouldnt annoy anyone but me, but she so knows which buttons to press to drive me mental....infact i'm just really pissed off today, i really dont wanna go out tonite but i have been ordered that i am going :|, i'm out wiv 4 lads and just me and Tracey, and were going to a lap dancing club, i know for a fact they aint gunna let girls in but oooooh noooooo apparently i'm wrong :| cunts...i bet this time tomorrow i am posting to say it was a shit nite and we werent let in.

Christ, i dont wanna get another year older, 26 is bad enuff, i'm dreading being 27 :| maybe if i sleep thru the whole of tomorrow i can ignore it happens completely.

Oh yeah the only good thing to happen so far is that i got birfday cards from Colin n Kel, and one from 2 other ppl who i love to death and are completely cute and adorable...mwahhhh ty xxxxx

Right i'm off to be annoyed some place else...ciao x
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