A Beautiful Disaster. (l_i_s_a) wrote,
A Beautiful Disaster.

This is Davina, your live on livejournal...please dont say fuck or bastard.

Ok I got a lil stressy over not hearing from a certain person for a while, but things are all hunky dory again now :d
I worry too much lol.
Not alot to say really apart from that...

oh yeah spoke to Andy the other day *yawns* No doubt he will read this so hello u nosey fuck.

Hopefully Harry is comin to see me in a few weeks again, things are really busy for him at the moment...bless his lil cotton socks, cant wait to see him tho, he is just soooooo lovely and things are a million times better than I had ever imagined they would be, so i'm one happy bunny

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